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CAREER ADVANCEMENT: Choosing the warrior within you

Very few candidates, employees or employers disagree with the statement that in today’s competitive job market and economy, it is advantageous for individuals, employees and employers to deliberately make effort to improve their job or work performance. Opinions...

Sort Out The Clutter in Your Life To Reconnect To The Abundant Universe

Today, I invite you to look at two separate but interconnected bodies. The “You” and the “rest of things“ outside you –which I am calling the “Universe.” The “You” comprises your body and your mind, thoughts, and beliefs, while the “Universe” comprises everything else...

When You Forget What Your Guardian Angel Told You!

So what happens when you forget what your guardian angel told you- your life purpose? Life's purpose is the compass that guides our direction. We know the North point to determine the South, East, or West points.  Just like success, your life purpose leaves clues in...

Discovering Life Purpose From Your Best Qualities

In Judaic tradition, a guardian angel is a type of angel that is assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group, or nation. The people have a heavenly representative who acts as an emissary between them and God. It is believed the guardian angel carries...


In this Newsletter I’d like to share with you valuable insights on 'Feedback' from my coach and virtual mentor, Jack Canfield. These insights are copied verbatim from Jack's regular email to me as I undertook the  "Train The Trainer Course Online".   Enjoy! [embeddoc...

To Improve Your Results Improve Your Culture

Culture drives the employee experience, employees drive the customer experience and the customer  experience drives sales and profit. In a negative or weak culture, people generally do just enough to get by. You see more blaming others, criticism, excuses and hear...

To Succeed We Must Change Our Habits

We will never solve our problems in any sustainable way doing things the way we’ve done them or being the people we’ve been. Our habits are patterns that provide comfort and familiarity but some habits leave us with problems. We have to learn  how to replace our bad...

Do Not Close Off Your Door

Do Not Close Off Your Door

When you forgive, you free yourself and the other party from emotional debt, and the energy gets freed up. When you demonstrate love for yourself, you send a signal to the others and to the universe that you are to be loved. When you set boundaries you teach people...

Get Rid Of Toxic Mindsets-Stop Blaming Others

Get Rid Of Toxic Mindsets-Stop Blaming Others

One of the most common games people play with themselves is to think that the reason they are facing setbacks is because others have it in for them. Temporarily, it is very comforting for many people to play ’victim’. We sympathize with victims. People have this...

Get Unstuck By Giving Away

Get Unstuck By Giving Away

Giving away is about releasing things you do not need any more. We are linked to the space we occupy. Most of the time the space around us mirrors our internal state. A chaotic space often means a chaotic internal state! When we don’t complete the past, we can’t be...

When Money “Plays” You Bad Games

Fears related to money are a result of other unconscious fears e.g. fear of failure; fear of being inadequate in the eyes of loved ones  or your community. Even in childhood people can feel shame  for not having enough. Guilt is what the wealthy feel for having too...

For Greater Success Learn To Say “Thank You”!

For Greater Success Learn To Say “Thank You”!

An attitude of gratitude is the foundation of abundance, the sign that the gift has already been given.  If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is Thank you, It would be enough”-   Meister Eckhart. I am grateful for the education I got from my University...

No One Wins At Life Alone!

No One Wins At Life Alone!

When we admire world-class athletes, we often forget they not only have those banging drums and vuvuzelas supporting them, but they also have higher levels of motivation, discipline, practice, and coaching. They certainly don't strive alone. Neither should you....

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