Dr. Ismail Ndifuna


Dr. Ismail Ndifuna is a Certified Success Coach and Trainer. He has been coaching people to overcome life challenges in health and wellbeing, career and work, relationships, and personal development since 2009. He will work with you to set breakthrough goals for life challenges and provide implementation support for you to overcome them. I have helped people to get through difficult times and find purpose after major surgery, long illness or infirmity. He will help you to sort out clutter in your internal and external environment that is preventing you from getting worthwhile outcomes from your goals.

  • Satisfaction Rating 97% 97%
  • Long-Term Availablity 78% 78%
  • Professionalism 88% 88%


Longterm Availability


Avg. response time 3hours

Fixed Rate: USD 50

Hourly Rate: USD 10 per hour (Hours to be negotiated)

I’m committed to helping you!

My coaching sessions are designed to help you overcome life challenges. Are you out of job? Has your relationship gone sour? May be you see no light at the end of the tunnel! I can give you a quick tip on the issues or we can work together to tackle an issue or concern you are grappling with. I offer worksheets, exercises, action plans & power strategies.to help you solve the problems.  I am here to help you relieve your pains and frustrations when life challenges come calling!

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