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There are probably, nowadays, very few candidates, employees or employers who would disagree with the statement that in today’s competitive job market and economy, it would at least be of some advantage if individuals, employees and employers deliberately made effort to improve their job or work performance. However, when it comes to assessing this statement, opinions diverge widely on both the approach to and the details of the most appropriate methods of making the effort. There is however, one point which is widely accepted, namely that certain investments must be made in improving work or job performance to succeed and the development of innovative methods to make this investment is therefore a proper task for career enhancement and individual progress. Ralph Charell says, “Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations. So many potentially brilliant minds go to waste every year because they do not invest in personal improvements, let alone work performance

Joining our online career club will make you an effective marketer of your best career attributes. It will enable you to identify your unique selling points so you can sell your best career goods, products and services to your current and/or next employer. In the club you will learn to appreciate performance as a behavior that can be changed by behavior change interventions and how to outpace your fellow employees and competitors by giving your employer unprecedented and unmatched services that go beyond his or her expectations.

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Do you want to present a compelling resume or curriculum vitae, write a convincing motivation and/or capability statement in preparation for your next job interview? Are you looking for competency training support? Do you want professional job performance appraisal support and training?  Are you looking for Job performance improvement planning and support? Joining the Express expertise career club will give you access to our state of the art online career training courses, a personalized Email career coaching program, and a career competency training package you need to find a better and more successful career.

As a member of the Express expertise membership career Club you get access to our on-line career building reference materials, Career competency package, Email career coaching program and Competency training support. You also interface with career club members in our interactive career discussion forum. You will have the opportunity to participate in mock job interviews by teleconferencing or Skype or even face to face mock interviews with an expert panel in preparation for your next job interview

If these ideas speak to you the express expertise career club can make this happen for you. Join for ugx 5,000 now and get hold of the treasure that will get you to the highest level of your career and achieve the highest of your career dreams and aspirations.



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