Life Coach Trainer’s Program

Take this Life Coach Trainers’ program and become a Trainer and Coach on the Success principles. Life Coaches and Trainers are in high demand today because they are in short supply. The need for personal improvement and growth has grown in the last decade. I will work with you to build a lucrative business, training thousands of clients in life success principles. You do not need a degree or specialized education to become a coach.


I will: 

  • Train you on how to start a new and lucrative career as a Personal Coach
  • Provide you with the content and tools you need to begin coaching clients
  • Help you to deliver engaging coaching content to your audience and grow your business

As the direct benefits of the program, you will:

  • Quickly start your own coaching business and put your past careers, qualifications, and training to greater use.
  •  Move from working a stressful 8.00-5.00 regular job to working anywhere any time and making more money.


Dr. Ismail Ndifuna


Dr. Ndifuna is a Medical Doctor, Gender specialist, Program Technical specialist and Career Trainer. He has over 20 years of experience in designing and managing social programs.  

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