The 7 Wealth Activitors




What if I told you that you have been under a spell?

And that it’s the spell, and nothing else, that has been keeping you from having the kind of success you want to have in life.

Would you want to know how to break it?

We all like to think of ourselves as smart people, aware of ourselves and in charge of our circumstances. But the truth is, even the most tuned in, intelligent and spiritual people sometimes go through life on autopilot, accepting and complaining about what is, without realizing that a few simple shifts can tip the scales of abundance in their favor.

Think of yourself as a computer hard drive. That spell I mentioned earlier? It’s a virus; a collection of deep-rooted limiting beliefs and bad habits that are sabotaging the efficiency of your hard drive.

The good news is that you can absolutely “update and restart” and create for yourself a foundation that supports the flow of prosperity and activates your wealth frequency.

Money is a beautiful thing. A beautiful energy. And when we understand the Law of Circulation—that what we desire, we must give—the challenges we face will start to fall away, and in their place, a pattern of peace and abundance will begin to take shape.

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