In Judaic tradition, a guardian angel is a type of angel that is assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group, or nation. The people have a heavenly representative who acts as an emissary between them and God. It is believed the guardian angel carries messages from God that may include, among other messages, one’s purpose on earth.

Imagine you are in a big temple. You look up and see a Guardian Angel coming down through a light beam. It comes down to you and delivers a gift, and the gift is to symbolize “Life Purpose.” Symbols carry meaning. For example, a symbol of heart symbolizes “love,” an ‘Awl’ symbolizes wisdom, and a ‘hammer’ may symbolize strength. You go into dialogue with the angel about the meaning of the gift or the symbol. You are asking the angel questions- What is this? What does it mean? Where do I take it? How do I get there?

The Angels ask you to draw the gift on a piece of paper and then write about it- What the gift means to you and what the angel said. This scenic view takes one through what is called “The gradient of Risk” from the angel telling you to draw, through asking you to share with one person, to share with the larger populace. The risk of losing or distorting the message increases as you move from having internal knowledge to sharing with individuals and then to sharing with larger groups (from no risk to high risk).

When the guardian angel gives the gift, it could come in three levels:

1. Everything in the universe exists as energy. The life purpose may be delivered as Energy

2. The life purpose may also be delivered as “quality”- e.g., love, peace, joy

3. The gift may also be delivered as a ‘form,’ e.g., photography, interior design, make-up, and modeling are all forms of beauty

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